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Leaders for Geelong Program

The Leaders for Geelong program is providing our city-region with inspired and well connected visionaries, who are better prepared to lead their own organisations and the wider community.

Leaders for Geelong (LfG) is a two-year program that develops personal leadership capacity through a unique learning experience, designed to address the current social, economic, and environmental issues of importance to the Geelong city-region. In the first year, participants attend a minimum of 1-2 events per month where they are challenged and inspired by renowned leaders and subject matter experts, undertake ‘behind the scenes’ tours, discuss case studies and participate in a range of other activities. The second year sees participants working in teams on a community based project of regional significance.

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The Leaders for Geelong program is a member of the Victorian Regional Community Leadership Program, which is a collaboration of ten regional community leadership programs across Victoria. For information, visit www.vrclp.com.au