2020 Future of Work Forum Closing Webinar

2020 Future of Work Forum Closing Webinar

Facilitated by Jennifer Cromarty (CEO, Committee for Geelong) and Bernadette O'Connor (Executive Director, Manager Governance Australia). During our closing session we will explore what our conversations are telling us about Our Preferred Future and some of the actions we can take moving forward.

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The 2020 Future of Work Closing Session will include three presentations:

Applied Learning, 21st Century Skills and the Relevance for Learning Cities: Adapting to the ‘Next Normal’. This presentation builds on research conducted by Rupert Maclean over many years on vocational education and training and sustainable, and inclusive, development. 

The following presentation, Creating Youth Employment Opportunities in Newcastle, will provide the background to the Newcastle City Council’s Youth Employment Charter and how it will work to create opportunities for young people in a post COVID economy. 

Care Plays VR - this final presentation, Care Plays VR is a virtual reality work experience, pre-employment programme aimed at increasing the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in the Northern Territory working in the human services sector.


Dr Leone Wheeler
Associate of the School of Global, Social and Urban Studies, RMIT University
Board member of PASCAL International Observatory and Hon. CEO, Australian Learning Communities Network

Leone is a Research Fellow working on a number of projects for Professor Rupert Maclean, who is former UNESCO Chair of Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) and Sustainable Development, Office of Applied Research & Innovation, College of North Atlantic-Qatar. (2018-2019).

Simon Massey
Simon is an Economist, Demographer, Strategic Analyst, Churchill Fellowship Recipient 2018.
Simon has ten years professional experience in state and local government. An engaging leader with a proven track record of developing transformational strategic documents and implementing key reforms to government policy. Highly skilled at balancing a strategic focus with the day-to-day implementation of programs. Effective communicator and team leader who can engage with a broad and diverse group of people. Passionate about enabling economic opportunities for all. 

Richelle Hedstrom
Passionate Community Development practitioner, working to achieve outcomes that improve well-being of individuals and families in diversecontexts. Currently working as Community Development Facilitator for City of Newcastle. Has worked in the youth and community development space for 11 years in State, Local, and Non-Government settings in Indonesia, The Northern Territory and New South Wales. Worked for the past 8 Years as Senior Project Officer for Northern Territory Government, establishing Community Youth Justice Programs such as Midnight Basketball Darwin, the Palmerston Youth Drop In Centre and reforming Youth Diversion and Bail Support Programs across the Northern Territory.

Anandra (Daniel) Noone
Dan is the Project Officer for the Care Plays VR project. He works for the National Disability Services and is seconded to Workforce Plus for this project. Dan took a medical discharge from the Australian military and after a long-term recovery Dan is pursuing his passion for affecting positive changing in the lives of young people.  Dan is currently undertaking his Masters.

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