The CfG’s leadership portfolio alumni is made up of more than 400 members from Leaders for Geelong, Activate, LEAD Barwon and the Barwon Community Leadership Program.

This number of alumni demonstrates the value of the investment made in leadership development since 2006. These graduates are passionate advocates for our city-region and are prepared, connected and committed to play an active role in community life.

The vision outlined by Dr Jim Cousins AO, CfG’s Chairperson during the inaugural Leaders for Geelong program, still applies:

“The program will deliver Geelong a strong and committed alumni of emerging leaders that will go a long way to ensuring our future is strong and vibrant.”

CfG’s alumni stay connected through a program of events and frequent communiques. They are empowered to work toward a successful future for the city-region by supporting local causes, contributing to Boards, and enjoying opportunities for further developing networks.