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Cameron Loftus (CEO Barwon Sports Academy) for Bellarine syndicate team.

Duty Group Bellarine

Law and Order. A key service to our community that often is the difference between danger and safety. What would our society be without prisons? A scary thought at first, but the message was clear. Shouldn't we be thinking about prevention rather than spending $11 million in the pursuit of reforming young innocent kids who have somehow evolved into dangerous criminals? This question was one we were asked to reflect upon as we learned more about the corrections system. Our presenters shone through as individuals with a background well suited to understanding their "clients". Feeling empathy for them and developing curriculum that they might re-enter society and not become one of the 44% who end up right back in the correction facility system.

"A society should be judged on how they treat their most undesirable people"

The facilities, the philosophy, the liberties available are things I feel a little better informed and aware of now. We were certainly convinced that the Marngoneet Approach has merit. The message that it was important to provide opportunity, show respect, be fair and reasonable, acknowledge and celebrate effort was convincing. Corrections facilities clearly deal with people who may have had issues in their background, people who often had little chance. We were made aware of the important work done by those who aim to support and rehabilitate these inmates.

Our visit to the Geelong Police station had us presented to by more influential people. People whose job is to make us a little safer. All presenters had interesting stories that enabled us to gain greater insight into the big picture challenges of making our society safer for our families and friends. A high pressure job that relies on teamwork, strategy and resilience. The leadership styles may be different but the commitment, energy and determination of all involved were consistent.

"Fear or being scared is exciting as Im going to learn something."

"If you dont measure culture, you don't get the results."

Finally we heard the "About ME's" from Monique and Tom. The group was impressed by two such inspiring individuals. Intelligent and driven, but directed by strong values and beliefs. We are enjoying sharing this experience with you both. 




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