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LfG 17/18 Seminar 6 blog

As we walked into our day at Epworth, we may have been mistaken in thinking we were walking into the Hyatt. The hospital is a 5 star hospital with a grand entrance and situated on vast green land next to Deakin University.

Our first speaker for the day was Susie Thomas, Business Development and Marketing Manager from Epworth Geelong. She provided an interesting overview of the hospital, the growing Geelong region and the ageing community. The Epworth group sees 2,000 patients from the Geelong region in their Melbourne hospitals so the Epworth in Geelong will provide a much needed alternative.

The current building is only Phase 1, with 3 more phases planned.

Next we heard from Professor Frances Quirk, Director of Research at Barwon Health. As University Hospital is a teaching hospital, the aspiration is that every patient should come in contact with research and/or teaching. Barwon Health have 600-700 active research programs at any one time and are interested in using consumers as 'scientists' in a number of their research programs going forward. Interestingly, the Barwon Infant Study has resulted in a bio-bank; a valuable data asset that has interest from Europe and other parts of the world.

Malcom Scott, Manager at Head Space Geelong, spoke to us around youth mental health and psychiatric care in Geelong. Some of the statistics were alarming, particularly those who identify as LGBTIQ. The concern from a health care perspective is that there is too much funding at a Tier 4 level (inpatient psychiatric) and not enough at Tier 1, which is more preliminary health care for mental illness.

Finally, we heard from Luke McLean, Health & Wellbeing Manager for the Cotton On Group. Many of us had heard about some of the fabulous employee perks of working at Cotton On; however, this session gave us an opportunity to understand the ethos behind what they do. At Cotton On, they have a top down culture of wellness. Their 'why' is that they want to grow happy and healthy people. They do this through programs such as onsite gym, bring your dog to work and flexible work hours (some from a long list!). They don't measure the success of their Health & Wellbeing Program through personal leave days etc but rather through participation levels in the planned activities and whether the company is performing well. It was an interesting philosophy that sparked discussion within the group.

Finally, our syndicate ended on an activity that encouraged our group to think about how we prioritise our own health and wellbeing, with the aim of motivating us to make some small changes to improve our own wellness.




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