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LfG 17/18 Seminar 10 blog

Local Leaders navigate the media in tech-head haven


Set in the middle of the repurposed Federal Mills Buildings in North Geelong, the Runway Office was the perfect setting to kick off our first speaker for the day, Peter Dostis, CEO and co-founder of Runway Geelong. Peter explained the essence of Runway and the importance of creating a start-up ecosystem in Geelong that will help launch emerging business ideas and establish a reputation for Geelong as a start-up city.

Fortunately for us it was a slow news day as our focus then turned to presentations from local media. We listened to insights, concepts and ideas on how to best engage with the industry from Liam Houlihan, Editor of the Geelong Advertiser, Davina Montgomery, editor at Geelong Business News, Mitchell Dye, Radio Presenter at 94.7 The Pulse and Rob McLennan, News Director at Geelong Broadcasters. 

With the ease of phones and good internet connection, Davina focussed on how everyone is a reporter and can provide the story.  But when we are trying to develop and sell our media messages the PREP steps are the key:

1.         Point - Message, what is your point?

2.         Reason - Why, Outcome.

3.         Examples - Two to Three examples.

4.         Point - Go back to your point.

After lunch we had a workshop with Leigh McClusky, the Managing Director of McCo Group Communications. Leigh reviewed opinion pieces we had written earlier, to provide feedback for us in working with the media and how to influence their view to assist us in broadcasting our opinion.

After watching the hive of activity in the glass offices surrounding us, everyone was looking forward to the tour around the Federal Mills Park with Cam Hamilton from David Hamilton Property Group. Cam is currently the Managing Director and shared with us his amazing vision for the site of the former woollen mills and neighbouring power station. Cam has celebrated the existing buildings, especially the saw-toothed roofs through the creation of spaces that are perfect canvases for their tech savvy tenants to fitout highly engaging offices with natural light flooding the workstations. The vision of the Tech Park is refreshing to see around Geelong as the uses for built forms change and develop.



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