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Leaders for Geelong Project Presentation Breakfast

Wide ranging community-focussed projects were presented at today's Project Presentation Breakfast, hosted by the Committee for Geelong (CfG) through its leadership program, Leaders for Geelong (LfG).

Held at the Mercure Hotel in Geelong this morning, participants of the LfG program presented the projects they had been working on over the past 12 months, all identifying and addressing strategic challenges and opportunities within the wider Geelong community.

CfG Chief Executive Officer, Rebecca Casson, said the presentations once again made it clear why the Committee's leadership programs - including LfG - has been so successful over the past decade.

"It was truly impressive to hear how our participants have approached the issues they saw in their own backyard, and devised projects to improve those situations and deliver tangible outcomes for the community," said Ms Casson.

"From mental health and education through to innovation and caring for our older generations, the project outcomes shared today showcase exactly how the LfG program is helping to transform Geelong and shaping the future of our community."

Projects presented today included:

  • Adopt a Pop, Gain a Granny - an intergenerational pilot program to connect primary schools with aged care facilities, providing opportunities for children to interact with seniors, and for seniors to share their talents and experiences.

  • Bounce Project - an online tool connecting entrepreneurial ideas with digital service providers, resulting in more than $30,000 worth of work directed to Geelong digital businesses, connecting organisations and individuals that had never been exposed to each other, creating new relationships and income streams.

  • Geelong Education Mentor Study (GEMS) - a research project providing recommendations to thePathways to Technology Steering Committee around the most successful approach to mentoring for young people, particularly in a changing labour market.

  • Geelong Region International Network (GRIN) - providing mechanisms for business, government and social sectors to promote the Geelong region more successfully on a national and international level. This includes the provision of a strategic and relevant toolkit and a network of business, government and high profile representatives.

  • Healthy Minds Geelong (HMG) - an online resource connecting the community to local service providers, providing information and guidance on how to navigate the mental health system, sharing tools to self-manage and allowing people to tell their stories to de-stigmatise mental health and create a healthier Geelong community.

  • Transforming Geelong Roadshow - a series of events and a document that sought to educate and inform metropolitan audiences about the abundant opportunities to invest, work and live in Geelong.

"We are very proud of the difference the LfG projects have made to the wellbeing of the Geelong community over the years, and continue to do so today - be it through economical, social or cultural change. The Committee's LfG alumni network now has over 300 members, and is a driving force behind a thriving Geelong," said Ms Casson.

"The presentations seen today contribute greatly to the outcomes and achievements the CfG is celebrating as we look back on ten highly successful years of running leadership programs."

The CfG has developed a series of master classes and events for the alumni of all its leaders programs as part of the ten year celebrations, including a celebratory event later in October 2016.


Project reports are available in full on the Committee's website: /about-us/reports-and-submissions/research-reports-leaders-for-geelong/




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