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Geelong makes a significant leap to 12th place in Australia

Geelong is the 12th most liveable city-region in Australia, according to the recently published Ipsos Public Affairs (Ipsos) Life in Australia report.


Up 21 places since 2014, the significant leap is being attributed to the change in perception by local residents in relation to the top 16 liveability attributes identified in the report.


Revealed at an exclusive briefing by the Committee for Geelong (CfG) on 31 January, of the top five attributes that 10,000 Australians consider a 'good place to live,' a number in the Geelong city-region were considered to be above the national average. 


Geelong residents cited significant improvement in the following liveability attributes:  


  • "Good job prospects"

i)       In 2014, Geelong residents rated their Region's performance for "good job prospects" an average of 3.8/10. In 2017, the Geelong average rating was 5.3/10. The Australian average rating was 5.2/10.


  • "A prosperous economy"

ii)      In 2014, Geelong residents rated their Region's performance for "a prosperous economy" an average of 5.0/10. In 2017, the Geelong average rating was 5.9/10. The Australian average rating was also 5.9/10.


  • "Opportunity for all"

iii)     In 2014, Geelong residents rated their Region's performance for "opportunity for all" an average of 5.3/10. In 2017, the average rating was 6.2/10. The Australian average rating was 5.9/10.


On a positive note for Geelong, no attributes in the city-region declined in performance between 2014 and 2017.

Additionally, compared to the rest of Australia, local residents rated Geelong higher on five of the 16 liveability attributes in 2017:

  1. For "Access to the natural environment" the Geelong average rating was 8.0/10 compared to Rest of Australian average of 7.4/10
  2. For "High quality health services" the Geelong average rating was 7.1/10 compared to Rest of Australian average of 6.5/10
  3. For "A strong sense of community" the Geelong average rating was 7.0/10 compared to Rest of Australian average of 6.4/10
  4. For "A lack of road congestion" the Geelong average rating was 6.6/10 compared to Rest of Australian average of 5.8/10
  5. For "Affordable decent housing" the Geelong average rating was 6.1/10 compared to Rest of Australian average of 5.3/10


Ipsos Deputy Managing Director, Daniel Evans, says Geelong's improvement from the 33rd to the 12th most liveable region in just three years is an impressive and sustainable achievement.

"It's evident that Geelong has migrated from a state of vulnerability in 2014 to a position of viability in 2017," says Mr Evans.

"We have to remember that 2014 was a particularly tough year for Geelong. Fast-forward to present day, the unemployment rate is largely on-trend and, importantly, relatively stable for a couple of years - underpinned by a more diverse economy. It's encouraging to see that local Geelong residents are feeling more confident about their job prospects and their local economy," says Mr Evans.  

CfG CEO, Rebecca Casson, said that the statistics presented in the Life in Australia report proved that being optimistic about Geelong's future was important.

"The statistics presented in theLife in Australia report are a testament to Geelong's continual transformation into a world-class place. It's pleasing to see our community's confidence grow alongside our economy.  As evidenced in our international research report Winning from Second, the future stability, diversity and growth of Victoria's second largest city is vital to the continued economic success of both our state and nation," says Ms Casson.

Whilst Geelong residents rated their local area lower than the Regional Victorian average for 'feeling safe' in 2017 (6.4/10 compared to 6.9) Geelong's performance was similar to Melbourne.

"Given the higher rates for 'good job prospects' and a 'prosperous economy' I am predicting that this improvement in economic conditions will translate to the residents of Geelong reporting in future surveys that they feel safer," says Mr Evans.  


Read the full Life in Australia report here



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