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Geelong featured in Transport Connectivity report

The Standing Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities recently released its Harnessing Value, Delivering Infrastructure report, and the importance of Geelong - as Victoria's second largest city - features in it.  The Committee for Geelong presented to the Standing Committee when it visited Melbourne in 2016, and highlighted the need for a better share of funding for second cities - like Geelong.  The final report looks at the role of transport connectivity in stimulating development and economic activity both in major urban areas and in regional Australia.

One of the recommendations from the Harnessing Value, Delivering Infrastructure report includes for the Australian Government to consider examining ways to promote a better balance of settlement.  This could be through decentralisation to the regions, linked by faster transport connectivity and particularly through high speed rail.

During its presentation to the Standing Committee, the Committee for Geelong highlighted the importance of cities like Geelong to the national economy.  The need to improve Geelong's connection to Melbourne, such as faster rail connections between the two cities, was also an area discussed.

"As Victoria's second-largest city it is vital that our community continues to actively seek improved road and rail connections," Rebecca Casson, CEO, Committee for Geelong said,

"In 2015, the Committee for Geelong undertook a study tour to the UK to review the high speed rail link between Kent and London.  Following this, we made a series of recommendations to both the Standing Committee and a separate submission to the Victorian Government's Regional Network Development Plan."

The Committee for Geelong's higher speed rail recommendations included:

  • Planning for faster, or higher speed, up to 160 km/hr - rail connections by eliminating constraints and improving rolling stock;
  • Express passenger services from Geelong to Melbourne, and to some destinations to the west of Melbourne - such as Werribee - with the ultimate aim of achieving a 45 minute service to and from Geelong /Southern Cross before the end of 2017, or at least a commitment for this;
  • Replacement or duplication of the Geelong tunnel to provide the possibility of double tracks - one standard gauge and one broad gauge - or dual gauge tracks to provide a standard gauge track to Warrnambool and broad gauge access to the proposed Waurn Ponds maintenance depot and stabling


"The Committee for Geelong agrees with the Standing Committee that transport connectivity is essential to the economic development of our nation.  Given this, we will continue to work with all levels of Government to leverage the economic prosperity of our region." Ms Casson said.


Harnessing Value, Delivering Infrastructure: 



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