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Committee for Geelong's Weekly Addy Opinion Piece - Gforce Alumni Partner

As 2016 comes to a close, I take this opportunity to reflect on this milestone year for the Committee for Geelong. Since 2006, the Committee has delivered leadership programs to support Geelong's transformation by developing the capacity and influence of regional leaders, many of whom often feature in the pages of this newspaper.

Over that time, the Committee has demonstrated that it is an initiator of positive change by building partnerships; facilitating appropriate connections and networks; testing and piloting new initiatives; managing challenges and working to agile principles in order to move our region forward. It is this commitment and proactive approach that originally prompted the Committee to instigate, and now manage, a portfolio of leadership programs. The Committee supports the view that regional leadership development is not only an investment in social capital, but also in institutional capacity which leads to diversified, resilient regional communities.

The Committee's leadership network now comprises more than 340 graduates from all our programs including Leaders for Geelong, Barwon Community Leaders, Activate and Leading, Educating and Advocating for People with a Disability - LEAD Barwon.

These graduates continue to be passionate advocates for our region and are better prepared, connected and committed, and ready to play an active role in community life.

Earlier this year, Gforce Employment Solutions collaborated with the Committee as our 2016 Alumni Partner.  Gforce has been a valued member of the Committee since its inaugural year in 2001.  Rob Birch graduated from the Leaders for Geelong program in 2009, prior to becoming Gforce's CEO in 2012.  Since that time, an additional five members of the Gforce team have also successfully completed one of our programs.

"As a Leaders for Geelong graduate, I recognise first-hand the benefits these programs can provide to an individual, and more broadly to the Geelong region. Gforce is proud to have supported the Committee through this milestone year." Rob said.

With Gforce as the 2016 Alumni Partner the Committee was able to host a series of events, including the 'Mastering Disruption' master classes workshops, exclusively offered to our leaders alumni. This series gave our leaders the opportunity to explore new and innovative ways to do business, whilst re-connecting with and growing their networks and fine tuning their leadership skills. 

As Geelong transforms, it is vital our leaders continue to gain relevant knowledge and refresh their skills to assist our region to thrive.  Becoming a knowledge based or 'smart city', means Geelong is more reliant on the skills and capacity of its people to compete globally in the next century.

Our region's leadership space is constantly evolving, and Geelong is in a very different position than it was a decade ago. The Committee will continue to innovate its programs over the coming years to meet new demands and provide other opportunities in leadership development.

As this milestone year comes to an end, the Committee takes this opportunity to thank all the individuals, employer organisations, partners and key stakeholders who have generously supported our leadership programs over the past decade.




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Nick Stahl, General Manager, Boundary Bend Olives

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Andy Mathers, General Manager, K-Rock/Bay FM

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