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Activate Report - Week 8 - Plans & Pathways

Activate Participant:     Kat Nolan

Position:                           Manager

Organisation:                  Waterfront Kitchen

Session:                           Week 8

Theme:                             Plans & Pathways

Day 8 of the Activate program was at Truffleduck on a freezing cold morning. We all greeted each other, spoke of our last week and enjoyed a hot beverage to warm us up but there was a different emotion in the air hanging above us all…this was our last day together!

The day began with some of the members of the group sharing their interview experiences before our first guest speaker, Melissa Pearce, joined us.  Mel is the Senior Manager Strategy & Performance, Geelong City Region with Bendigo bank.  What I found most fascinating about Mel was that she began her leadership journey as a bank teller not knowing where she wanted her career to go.  She made it clear that if you demonstrate leadership qualities then you can and should be a leader.

Mel Pearce Wk 8 (2)

After Mel we continued sharing our leadership interview experiences. I found these really interesting to listen to as we chose such a variety of people to interview.  The leaders who were interviewed all expressed lessons that we have learnt over the past 8 weeks.  Things like: stick to your values, don't overcommit, find your brand, be passionate and be true to yourself.

We then had the pleasure of having Kevin Larkins join us again.  Having Kevin in the first and last week of the course gave us a real insight into how far along we have all come.  I remembered sitting in the room on the first day feeling anxious and unsure what to expect then to arrive on the last day feeling confident amongst my peers and proud of what we had achieved.

After our delicious lunch we had Jem Switajewski join us to talk about self-care. Jem was a fascinating person to listen to and I think he really opened our eyes as to how important it is to take time for yourself.  The short meditation exercise he taught us was surprisingly beneficial.  I believe most of us felt the 'staring into a partners eyes' exercise to be really challenging and awkward at first, but then we gained the wonderful insight into how 'you can only receive as much as you give' and that everyone is 'beautiful'.

 Jem Switajewski Wk 8

For the final exercise of the day we moved into the dining room where we all shared our leadership commitment with each other. This was a really moving activity as it finalised the past 8 weeks and made us realise that the program is over and now it's time to go out and implement all the useful leaderships tools we have gained.  We were then presented our graduation certificates by Rebecca Casson and shared a celebratory drink together as the graduates of the inaugural Activate Leadership program. It was a lovely way to end a brilliant, inspirational and motivational program.

In closing I just want to express my sincere gratitude for being given the opportunity to be involved in Activate and thank all of the other participants for making it a really enjoyable, honest and open experience every week.  I look forward to keeping in touch with the group and watching as we all continue to grow as leaders!

Activate Pilot 1 Group Shot



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