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Activate Report - Week 7 - Building Networks & Supports

Activate Participant:     Marnie Broad

Position:                         Accountant

Organisation:                 Davidsons Accountants

Session:                          Week 7

Theme:                            Building Networks & Supports

As we entered week 7 of 8, we were all acutely aware that the program is coming to a conclusion. Whilst we can already appreciate how much we have gained from the program to date, Cynthia and Rosemary's common quote "you will finish this program with more questions than answers" is starting to resonate with many of us.

Our first presenter of the day was Kerri Erler, who is the Manager of Economic Development for the Barwon South West Region. Kerri's leadership journey began in her hometown of Queenscliff and has now spanned three decades in the political sector. Her role has diversified throughout that time due to government changes but also due to her commitment to further education. Coming from such a different background to some of our previous presenters, it was very interesting to learn about Kerri's political journey and how she has been able to adapt in such a reactive industry.

Her insights into leadership were invaluable and often came back to some of the key topics that past presenters have touched on. These include:

  • Check in with your core values

  • Rely on your team and don't try to micro-manage

  • Take the team with you

  • The importance of transformation leadership

Her final words of wisdom were that there is no set view or standard on leadership - we have to find that for ourselves.

Activate Kerri Erler

Next up we were also fortunate to have Robin Miles from the Geelong Consulting Group join us. Robin demonstrated some very simple tools that would allow us to drive outcomes, prepare strategies and create growth in our workplace, in our community and in ourselves. He stressed the importance of taking on achievable goals and using actions to do this. The actions, he said, are there to create momentum but do not necessarily create the change or achieve the goal in themselves. He encouraged us to use the GROW model to start driving some achievable goals.

Robin allowed us to gain some valuable tools for our future as leaders which I think we all appreciated greatly.

Activate Robin Miles

After this, we split into groups to reflect on a leadership challenge. For many of us, this activity demonstrated the valuable skills and knowledge this program has provided to us and also confirmed that our fellow Activate program participants are a resource that we can rely on in the future.



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