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Activate Report - Session One - Exploring Leadership

In its 10th year of delivering leadership programs, the Committee for Geelong held the first pilot session of Activating Leaders Program (Activate) - an eight week program for emerging leaders to explore the foundations of leadership.

Activate is an opportunity for participants to gain confidence, knowledge, skills and strategies to lift their leadership capacity and contribution for personal, professional and community benefit.


The first session held at the new Eastern Hub Geelong community space on Thursday 5 May was facilitated by Kevin Larkin of Leading Australia and Cynthia Mahoney of CMA Associates.

Diverse participants from the not-for-profit sector, community, sport and corporations joined together and early on participants were asked to show leadership by putting themselves in the spotlight with roles such as photographer, guest 'introducer' and 'thanker', while two offered to revel their thoughts via this written blog.

Leah Twaits, Employment Pathways Project Co-ordinator at Karingal expressed the nerves of many in the room at the start of the session.

"I didn't know what to expect attending the first session of Activate. A little anxious thinking of what may be in store. Each participant got to introduce their buddy and this helped to relax everyone in the room. It was great to hear of people's backgrounds, hobbies and why they wanted to complete Activate. The room was filled with a wide range of experience from varied backgrounds.

 "Kevin Larkin presented 'Leadership v's Management' and an 'Intro to Leadership Styles', these were inspiring and packed with tools to assist with future leadership.

"The key messages I took away were - Be, Do, Act….Plus there's no way you can lead others if you can't lead yourself. F.E.A.R - Face Everything And Rise. It was a great day with a fantastic group and I can't wait to attend the second session."




Lucy Marshall, Senior Forensic Analyst with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) reflected on the following.

"A room full of strangers came together with one mission…we commenced with introductions and an opportunity to reveal not only the professional but also a more personable insight into each member with some surprising commonalities in our lifestyle and experiences.

"During 'The Chosen One' each member had the opportunity to choose a leader that was prominent to them and the qualities they could resonate with.

"We embarked on our leadership journey with an interactive session to sprinkle the personal values that each individual hopes to inject into the program.

Time is of the essence:  Kevin broke down the realities of time over the 8 weeks into hours highlighting the importance of investing this.

"Kevin was energetic in introducing concepts and translating these with real life examples, wisdom and principles which generated discussion and some of those "ohhh-ahhh" moments.

"It was refreshing to explore leadership styles with the prospect for self-reflection to challenge our current understanding and how we can inspire others."

Committee for Geelong will be running the second pilot Activate program later in 2016.

For further details or to express your interest please contact Rosemary White, Leadership Manager on 5227 8293 or




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