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Activate Program #2 - Week One

Activate Participant:      Claire Weisse

Position:                           DES Manager

Organisation:                  St Laurence Employment Services

Session:                           Week 1

Day one of the Activate Leadership Program August 2016, was a valued experience for every individual in the group.

Rebecca Casson's leadership journey was inspiring to me, and was a very honest recount of her feelings throughout her journey. An important point she discussed, was that 'Leaders Live in the Gap'. We understand that our position is the important link between our staff and our own managers or organisation, and that our qualities as a manager, impact greatly on communication and outcomes, between the two. She explained the importance of the Committee for Geelong and how each of us can contribute to improving our relationships, as well as our region. The goal is to change the perception of our city and we can make this transition smoother by encouraging cross sector interaction.

bec casson

Kevin Larkins was a wealth of knowledge. He explained the importance of networking, how to determine how you want to be known as a leader, and understanding what Leadership is about: 'Change and facilitating others'.  I felt positive about the program after his session and found that each of us making our own 'personal commitment' to the group, was an important part of working collaboratively.

Personally, I enjoyed the DiSC Profile session in the afternoon, with Damien O'Malley. It was great to be able read about your own workplace style, qualities and identified areas to be mindful of, after undertaking this profiling tool. The group feedback regarding the session was very positive, with members highlighting areas they want to improve on, and for myself, this was a valuable exercise.

I am very much looking forward to continuing on next week and am grateful for the networking opportunities this program encourages.  Great first day!


Activate Participant:      Kristy Simmonds

Position:                           Manager - Accommodation Support

Organisation:                  Karingal Inc

Session:                           Week 1

Our 38 Hour Journey

I would say that the group was delighted in the day that unfolded, many opportunities had by all. Our facilitators Rosemary and Cynthia enlightened us on the proceedings of the day with personal challenges straight off the bat - followed by participant introductions.

We had the privilege of having Rebecca Casson, CEO of the Committee for Geelong, come and speak with us about her journey both professionally, personally and how she ended up in Australia. Having worked across many countries one of Rebecca's key messages was to remember "life is a journey - ensure that you keep yourself open to opportunities" as they arise. The other take home message that really stuck for me was "it's more important to be kind than clever".


After a small break and a group interruption activity, we had the pleasure of having Kevin Larkins speak with us, and wow, he certainly had some insights to one self and share many experiences from a leadership perspective with the group. The afternoon was spent with Damien and it was time for us individually to receive our DISC profiles before Cynthia and Rosemary wrapped up the day.



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Nick Stahl, General Manager, Boundary Bend Olives

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