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Activate #4 - Session two blog

The Activate #4 participants gathered at the Gforce offices on a foggy winter's morning, eager for their second session of the program. The Week 2 session commenced with a workshop led by Paige Williams, a positive change solutionary, who captivated the group with her presentation on facilitating positive change. The presentation covered topics such as neuroplasticity of the brain, positive psychology, and the principle of the 5:1 ratio of positive vs negative interactions to maintain balance and harmony within a relationship.

The group then listened intently to Gforce CEO, Rob Birch, as he shared the story of his Leadership Journey, and provided the group with information, advice and wisdom from the knowledge and experience gained throughout his career - including during a 6-day intensive training course at Harvard University.

The group concluded the day's activities with a peer-to-peer coaching session. In addition to the benefits garnered from the coaching component of the activity, the group was also surprised to find themselves challenged by having to either sit and listen to a speaker for 3 minutes, without interrupting, or to act as the speaker who had to speak for 3 minutes without any input from others. Both the speakers and listeners gained deeper insight into their own communication styles, including identifying how 3 minutes of uninterrupted speaking or listening felt somewhat incongruent with one's natural inclination to either interject when another is speaking, or to summarise one's topic of conversation into a succinct overview in attempt to hold the attention of their listeners. This insight provoked the group into considering the manner in which communication has evolved (or, perhaps devolved?) in our modern-day, fast-paced society, and how each member will now apply this insight into future communication.



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