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Activate #4 - Session one blog

In preparation for the first session of the #4 Activate Leadership Program, all 20 participants were paired up into "buddies," and met at numerous café's or over the phone.  This was a great opportunity to meet at least one other participant before the Activate course commenced.  Some 30 minute catch ups ended up being 90 minute catch ups, which was reflected by the quality of the buddy introductions. 

The course prematurely commenced with the "carpark challenge" - an unlisted agenda item which challenged all participants to find suitable locations with the longest parking times.  This made for great initial discussion over coffee and from there the group seemed very much at ease with one another and their environment at the Deakin University Geelong Waterfront Campus.  The Seminar Room set the scene for a great day of learning, listening and participation that lay before us.

Janelle welcomed all participants and guests and gave a brief outline of the course after which we introduced our buddies.  The introduction of buddies at the start of the course was a great way to break the ice and learn something about other participants and their reasons for participating in Activate.  Each introduction provided a snap shot of the participants and held an element of entertainment - so there were plenty of laughs which indicated how quickly the group managed to bond.  

We then had the privilege of listening to our first presenter, Kevin Larkins.  Kevin delivered an amazing presentation and looking around the group, I could see that we were all captivated by the wealth of experience Kevin has. Kevin's knowledge of leadership is recognised across a diverse range of industries and provided the group with great insights into leadership and personal development.  It is fair to say that everyone took something away from this session on "leadership - let's get started."

Some great networking occurred over lunch with many people chatting further with Kevin to gain more insights into leadership and his experiences in this field.

Our group then continued into the afternoon with an activity that explored our leadership traits.  This exercise explored the traits of an emotionally intelligent leader.  We paired up to explore how and what we prioritised using a series of prompts in the form of cards.

Our final session saw our Emotional Capital self-reports made available and then our group documented three stand outs or "take aways" for the session which were:

-         We are not human DOings, we are human BEings;

-         No beliefs is a belief, and

-         Control what you can control

We look forward to our second session which will look at authentic, strength-based leadership.



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