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Activate #3 - Session five blog

This week in the Activate Leadership Program we were treated to a lunch with Ana Retallack - Director of The Standard Companion, to learn the "Business of Dining". This session outlined the importance of utilising business lunches and dinners to build relationships, and the behaviour required of you at these events. Ana's experience in etiquette and planning for events at Buckingham Palace was invaluable to us and gave us fantastic insight into behaving with a different approach with clients and stakeholders.

Next we viewed a presentation from journalist, political adviser and consultant Pauline Braniff, who spoke to us about effective communication. We completed group tasks to develop stories that were engaging whilst still getting the required information across. We also explored new strategies to learn more about fellow participants, how to utilise a point of difference to make further enquiries and how to establish a dialogue.

We completed the day by identifying each other's strengths and developing a one minute presentation about our 'personal brand'. It was challenging for many of us in the group to speak for an entire minute, however it was great to see everybody embrace their strengths and explain where they believe they have come from.

Another great week for us, with a lot of knowledge to add to our professional and personal lives… Really looking forward to next week!



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News & Updates

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An important 'Dialog' for Geelong's business community

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"Opened the doors for our business......"

Nick Stahl, General Manager, Boundary Bend Olives

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Andy Mathers, General Manager, K-Rock/Bay FM

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Mathew Burns, Brewery Ambassador, Little Creatures