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Activate #2 - Week 8

Activate Participant:      Rob Lazic

Position:                           Client Relationship Manager

Organisation:                  First State Super

Session:                           Week 8

So today concludes our Activate program. Today was an opportunity to reflect on some of the things we learnt over the last 8 weeks and what we will do to each improve our leadership journey.

The group was asked to go away and interview a leader in their community about their leadership journey and report back the key messages they had learnt. A common theme amongst the group was the importance that passion and work life balance plays in a leadership and our mentors lives. What a great experience for the group as I'm sure 8 weeks ago there would have been some hesitation in doing this.

Our key leadership speaker was Bill Mithen CEO of Give Where You Live. Bill took us on his life journey from a young impressionable salesman in a highly commercial environment to CEO of a non for profit organisation. Bill shared his 9 lessons of leadership

  1. Know yourself & be yourself
  2. Handle ambiguity
  3. Have empathy
  4. Be ethical
  5. Stand for something and others will follow
  6. Pull rank and you lose, listen to others around you
  7. Be confident without an ego, don't be afraid to be wrong
  8. Lead from behind so you can see ahead of you
  9. Lead by example


To cap off we welcomed back Kevin Larkins to take us through goal setting. This was our opportunity to set out our next 12 months and plan what we wanted professionally and personally. Well done to all the participants on making it to the end!



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