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Why Participate

Since 2006, more than 80 different employers in the region have nominated participants for the Leaders for Geelong program with more than half of these nominating participants more than once.

95% of participants have graduated and over one third of all graduates have been promoted in their careers since taking part.  Importantly, many of these graduates have taken up voluntary roles on committees, working parties and boards since completing the program.

Participants, employers, community and partners all benefit from the Leaders for Geelong program.

Participants benefit because the program;

  • Develops personal leadership potential
  • Challenges ideas, beliefs and values, and increases self awareness
  • Develops powerful connections with fellow participants from a diverse range of fields and backgrounds
  • Gives entry to the Leaders Alumni on graduation
  • Awards two un-specified credit points towards relevant Masters program from Deakin University's Business School


Employers benefit because the program;

  • Enhances the skills, knowledge and self awareness of employees
  • Exposes participants to the wisdom, vision and insights of outstanding leaders
  • Develops important links between community groups and industry organisations
  • Provides an unrivalled means of promoting the profile of the employer/organisation
  • Broadens understanding of important regional, national and global issues 
  • Provides on-going access to a network of business and professional contacts


The Geelong Community benefits because the program;

  • Develops and supports a new generation of passionate, motivated and committed leaders
  • Builds leadership capacity that can be leveraged across the community
  • Contributes to the economic and social infrastructure of the region
  • Develops a think tank of ideas and community development projects
  • Creates a highly skilled and engaged alumni who contribute to the greater community good 


Here's what some past participants in the program have to say:

'Seeing both peers and presenters in the Leaders Program created an environment in which community involvement was seen as a positive thing; as something we could and should be involved in. It provided the motivation to do it now, rather than put it off by saying I was too busy or too young or didn't have enough to offer.'  Beth King (LfG13)

'The Leader's program has had an impact on every aspect of my life. I could have gone to Uni for a long time and not learnt anything close to what I know now. There was not one presenter that didn't add something valuable to the jigsaw of my life.'  Helen Long (LfG14)

"The Leaders for Geelong program offers a management representative the opportunity to develop and learn from very senior people within our community and the extensive networking opportunities that are/will open up" Rob Birch, CEO, G-Force Recruitment (LfG 09)

"A major part of my role is being aware of community issues and how our business may have an impact, or be affected. I am able to stay in touch with a wide range of issues and garner different viewpoints. The program has also gained a firm reputation in the business community and it is because of this the company has decided to sponsor the program".  Jess Marriner, Communications Advisor, Shell Refining (Australia) (LfG 10)

"One of the great lessons in this program is the lesson about "you". Words often used were 'step up' and it was up to you to decide if you take on the opportunities or watch them pass you by. It reminds me of a saying 'once you master leading yourself only then can you truly lead others....' This was very true of the program; it is all about stepping up, showing courage and making a genuine effort.  Jeff Gordon, Sales and Marketing Manager, Winchester Australia. (LfG 11)


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"Opened the doors for our business......"

Nick Stahl, General Manager, Boundary Bend Olives

"Putting local Geelong Businesses in front of key decision makers......"

Andy Mathers, General Manager, K-Rock/Bay FM

"The more united we are in business the more successful the transformation......"

Mathew Burns, Brewery Ambassador, Little Creatures