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Vision 2



Vision2 is an exciting initiative aiming to shape the city's next phase of development.


Many years ago the city's waterfront underwent a major redevelopment and as a result this beautiful precinct now draws tourist and locals alike.  Vision 2 aims to build on that success and proposes another major visioning exercise about the Geelong waterfront and the city centre.  The objective is to generate discussion around how we want our city to grow so that Geelong can best position itself to attract unique and innovative developments. 

In partnership with Deakin University, the City of Greater Geelong and the Department of Planning and Community Development, the Committee is engaging stakeholders throughout the community including, business owners, developers, architects and interested community members.  The end point will be a series of images, visions and displays that will be available to the Geelong community and governments to see what Geelong could look like into the future.

Vision2 was launched in mid 2011 with a day long forum themed 'The Restless City'.  Work is now underway in the form of research, working parties and engagement with potential partners. 

Watch the Vision2 video of design concepts for Geelong.




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Current Projects

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"Opened the doors for our business......"

Nick Stahl, General Manager, Boundary Bend Olives

"Putting local Geelong Businesses in front of key decision makers......"

Andy Mathers, General Manager, K-Rock/Bay FM

"The more united we are in business the more successful the transformation......"

Mathew Burns, Brewery Ambassador, Little Creatures